Here's what some of the leading publications in the U.S. are saying about Chef Ted's Video'sMenus for Chef Ted

"The video delivers on its promise that 'even novices in the kitchen will be able to create these remarkable displays.' Happily, Barta's is not some highbrow video requiring lots of obscure carving tools or foods that require a trip to an international produce market. He provides enough clear instruction for even the most nervous beginner to turnout impressive pieces."

The Times-Herald, Newnan Ga

He's a good teacher, and the camera work gets close enough to see what's going on. This is not brain surgery - even those completely without artistic not to mention cooking talent can accomplish these decorative creatures."

Library Journal Dec 1999

Who says sweeping centerpieces can only be found in elegant restaurants and hotels? Certainly not video host Chef Ted, who walks viewers through an array of impressive - and most of the time, edible - table decorations, Using only a paring knife and the easy to find ingredients such as eggs, olives, fruits, and the centerpieces's best friend - the toothpick - Ted creates an array of professional-looking centerpieces for a variety of occasions."

Billboard Magazine Oct. 99

"Chef Ted makes the video so easy to follow that virtually no experience or skill is necessary to duplicate his napkins."

Southwest Wave Weekly, Los Angeles, CA - July 7 '1999


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Chef Ted Spectacular 6 Minute Centerpiece

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You can quickly turn ordinary foods into marvelous centerpieces using only a paring knife and toothpicks.

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You can add a special touch to every table with these elegant napkin creations

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