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- To order by Mail:Send Check or Money Order to Chef Ted, P.O. Box 1122, Ringgold, Ga. 30736 


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Chef Ted Spectacular 6 Minute Centerpiece

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You can quickly turn ordinary foods into marvelous centerpieces using only a paring knife and toothpicks.

{78 min. DVD over 15 creations}

1 Minute Napkin Folding DVD shows all

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You can add a special touch to every table with these elegant napkin creations

{46 min. DVD - 19 easy napkin folds}

Napkin Folding Video

Impressive 1 Minute Napkins VHS [Includes Free Dozen 19X19 inch Blue Napkins]
Napkin Folding is quick easy and impessive 46 min VHS (DVD avail. above)

Hints From Heloise VHS
All time 101 Hints from Heloise
Hints from Heloise video full of 101 time and money saving hints. VHS 102 min.

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Wow - Finally Awesome looking table decor without any fus can be yours. Money Back Guarentee.