The Famouse Hints from Heloise Video



The all time 101 favorite money saving hints from the most popular name in household management. From cooking to cleaning, fasion to leisure activities. Heloise tells all!


The famous Heloise of the internationally syndicated columns, books, radio and television fame, has her all-time 101 favorite household hints on this video. A wealth of time and money saving household hints.

A wealth of time and money-saving hints from the most popular name in household management. Millions of fans around the world have come to rely on the trustworthy advice given by Heloise through her internationally syndicated columns, seven books,
and regular appearances on radio and television. Now, with this unique video, you can follow along with Heloise as she actually demonstrates some of her all-time favorite hints that can make home maintenance fast and fun for anyone.

Every one of the 101 hints in this video has been tested and carries the Heloise seal of approval. They cover a wide range of topics from cooking, fashion, gardening and shopping to car care, cleaning, stain removal, leisure activities and more. Plus, all the hints are listed on the inside of the box so you can find the hint you need in a snap.

Whether you're young or old, married or single, male or female, this video contains a wealth of time, money and energy saving ideas that can make your life easier, happier and healthier!

You'll pick up tips for kitchen help, removing stains, cleaning, gardening, garage-auto, bedrooms, camping, picnics to home office. 102 minutes.  

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