Compare buying and arranging flowers to my easy Centerpiece and Napkin alternatives

Napkin Folding and Centerpiece alternative to flowers from an online florist by Chef Ted





from .25 cents to $5 max. That's a bargain!

Under $5 one time. Used dozens

$20. + Minimum

First Impressions


Ooh! How Lovely

Nice but common

Artistic Expression

Powerful !

High Visual Impact

Nothing New - Typical

Required Talent:

Watch the Video - Easy

Watch the Video - Easy

Yes. Much Talent Req.

Conversation Value

Your Guests will be amazed

Everyone will talk



Knife, Toothpicks, Common Food


Vase, Flowers, Greenery, Florist foam

Set Up Time

6 Min. (10 min. the first time)

1 Min.

30 Min. If you do it.

Appropriate For:

All Occasions

All Occasions

All Occasions

Shopping :

Grocery Store

One time Linen Store

Additional stop at Florist

Longevity : aprox.

2 Days

Re-Useable Lifetime

3-5 days

Aroma :

Good + Allergy Free !

None Allergy Free!

Very Good Allergies ?

Post Event Uses?


Re-use Again & again.

Potpourri? Probably Not.

Lasting good impressions are hard to come by.

Chef Ted makes it Easy !


Wow - Finally Awesome looking table decor without any fus can be yours. Money Back Guarentee.

"The how to's weren't as complex as expected" Ruby Lien, Dallas, TX

"Loved the videos. I was even surprised at the video on napkin making - didn't think it would be of any use to me but after watching it, I will definitely follow some of the designs" Carol DeGray, Levitown NY

Chef Ted

P.O.Box 1122, Ringgold, Ga 30736


Fax:(706) 965-7216

P.S. DON'T FEAR of having a ho hum party again. If your guests aren't impressed AND say so at your next get together then send it back for a full refund no questions asked!

5 Reasons Why you need this Video
Make Special any occasion - Birthday to Everyday
Fun Activity    -  for whole family, Kids love it
Add Class & Style  - we all need more, you know it's true.
New Experience  - Get out of the Rut  +  Learn new skill in just minutes
Healthy    -  Encourage Wholesome - Fruit & Veg. Meals,  More Enjoyable

 Why not do something your company will never forget?

Party centerpieces by Easy Step by Step instruction. Napkin folding made simple

Compare for Yourself:

flowers from a florist

$40 Irises from a Florist

Chef Ted centerpieces for entertaining made easy.

Under $1.00 Apple Swan

expensiive flowers from a florist

$140.00 Online Arraignment

This is stunning yet easy to make. Garnishing

Under $8.00 Personalized Penguins - Cute Huh !

Simple Napkin fan alternative to flower centerpiece

Easy Simple Napkin Fan

bargin flower arraingment from florist

$30 bargain online Florist

Smiling face when you see your centerpieces

Under $5. What will your guests will say?

Very easy to make Pig puts a smile on every time.

 $4 for two pigs. - WOW