Spectacular 6 Minute Centerpieces

You can make at Home in minutes

Best how to video for making extra special centerpieces at home

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     Now you can give any meal a special, creative touch in only six minutes. All you need is a regular paring knife, and ingredients you may already have in your pantry and refrigerator, to create truly stunning conversation pieces.

     This video contains over one hour of step-by-step instructions that teach you everything you need to know to create charming centerpieces such as: Cauliflower Bear, Orange Fish, Apple Swan, Apple Turtle, Banana Man, Egg Penguin's and Egg Bird, Standing Yellow Squash Bird, Eggplant Penguin, Cantaloupe Duck, Cucumber Cactus, Bell Pepper Palm Tree, Flying Squash Bird, Pig Heads. A lot of very valuable tricks to this specialty you should know that will impress your friends at your next party. Great conversation pieces. Stand out in a crowd with these unique food art centerpieces you can get right the first time.

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"Spectacular 6-Minute Centerpieces"

"These are the cutest and easiest edible art works I've seen. I love it!"

Dr. Mitzi Richardson, Pucucah, KY

"I really enjoyed the tapes. My guests were fascinates. They didn't believe that I actually made the cetnerpieces!"

Arlene Bennett, Bronx, NY

"I recieved your tape and promptly watched it with my friends. It is wonderful especially for the beginner."

Karver Mom, The Garnishing Place


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Chef Ted Spectacular 6 Minute Centerpiece

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You can quickly turn ordinary foods into marvelous centerpieces using only a paring knife and toothpicks.

{78 min. DVD over 15 creations}

1 Minute Napkin Folding DVD shows all

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You can add a special touch to every table with these elegant napkin creations

{46 min. DVD - 19 easy napkin folds}

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